Most houses by now have had cable TV of some kind or other installed. However, if your house is brand-new, or if your house has NEVER had cable TV in it before, the installation process is more extensive. Here is how the cabling installation works in homes such as yours.

Scheduling an Appointment

First, you schedule an appointment. Be sure to notify the cable company that your home has never had cable TV before and there is no sign of cabling about the property. This is important because the installation technician will need at least two hours to complete this job from start to finish. Expect to take at least a half day off from work or have another adult in the home who can let the technician in and out of the house and the sub-level, if applicable. 

Running Cables Overhead

If you live in the city, the TV cables are connected to poles on the street. The technician has to bring a giant loop of cable with him/her so that the cable can run from your home to the pole and the box outside. In rural areas, the cables are buried and connected to a large box set on either your property, or a property close by.

The very first thing the technician will do is look at the areas in your home where you want cable television. Then he or she will connect a length of cable to the pole outside and run the cable overhead to your roof. Here, the cable is secured to a corner of your home so that it is not an eyesore and it runs down the length of the corner of the house. The cable connects to another small box on the outside of your home, and a switch that allows several televisions to connect and receive television programming through the same cable and cable box. This is very different from a top-set box.

Running Cables into the House

Next, the technician installs the wall connections for the cables inside the house. Sometimes these connections are not needed, and the programming cable can connect directly to the telly. It depends on the company from which you purchase your subscription programming. If your provider uses the wall connections, these are installed and connected to the box outside via a series of wires. It may require the drilling of several holes and running wires under the floor and through the sub-level to avoid any major construction. Finally, the cables from the wall connections to the televisions in your house are connected and you are ready to watch all of your subscription channels.

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